DIY // Basket Bag


Any Jane Birkin fan out there is probably already familiar with the idea of using a basket as a purse.  Both my mother and mother-in-law had one in the 70's and now we are enjoying a bit of a resurgence here in 2017. I have had good luck finding woven basket bags at thrift stores, etc. If you don't like thrift stores, or spending a pretty penny on a trend that, let's face it, probably is  not going to last that long in the mainstream, I am here with a solution. 

This project requires little skill and no special tools unless you count scissors as such ( I am not here to judge). The basket is from IKEA. It comes as a threesome so obviously I made a mini purse for my sweet little niece and Christina's daughter, Elodie. She loved it and filled it with coins. 


Here is what you'll need: 

  • 1 basket with a lid ( I used the LJUSNAN seagrass basket from IKEA but there are more options out there) 
  • leather cord found at the craft store


1. Cut the cord to the desired length, longer to go over the shoulder or shorter to carry in hand. I cut mine long enough to go over my shoulder but I have been tying a little knot to shorten it. What can I say? I like having options. 

2. Thread the cord through the top of the lid by fitting it in between the basket's weave. If it is really tightly woven this may require the help of something sharp. The end of my scissors worked for me. Repeat this step in the same spot on the opposite end of the lid making sure they are even. At this point it should look something like a purse. 

3. Now that you have the cord threaded through the lid, take the ends of the leather and thread it through the very top of the basket itself and tie a double knot. The lid should cover the knot when it is closed. Essentially you are trying to connect the lid to the basket. Once you're finished you can use it. I walked around with mine all day and so far no one has said "hey I have that in my bathroom".