25th Day of Craftsmas // Christmas Crackers

Last craft of this crazy Christmas craft marathon. Thanks for following along and we love you all. I used leftover over wrapping paper and tissue to make it. Very easy and perfect for your christmas dinner.


  • Tissue paper 
  • Wrapping paper 
  • Wrapping paper tube, or toilet paper roll 
  • Ribbon 
1. Cut the wrapping paper roll so that it's about 6". 2. Layer two sheets of tissue paper one on top of the other and draw a very simple crown design on it. Cut the crown out and then tape the two sheets together. Wrap them around your head to see what size you need and then trim it accordingly. Tape the crown together. 4. Fold your crown and stuff it in the tube. 5. Wrap the tube in the wrapping paper and twist the ends. Tie both ends with ribbon. Done!
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