Small Succulent Garden (For Your Sweetie)

One thing that I am realizing more and more is that it is not worth spending tons of money on Valentine's Day. That does not mean you shouldn't give gifts ;) I like the idea of giving a little living gift. A small garden of easy-to-care-for succulents is just the ticket. It requires *some* money and thought which makes for a lovely present.


  • 1 smallish planter (this one is vintage from the flea market) 
  • selection of  5-6 small succulents who have similar needs 
  • cactus/ succulent potting soil 
  • small rocks for drainage 
  • quartz crystals (optional!) 
1. Begin with the rocks at the very bottom of your planter and then add dirt.
2. Arrange the succulents in an attractive way and then dig small holes for them.
3. cover with dirt to ensure they are properly buried.
4. Water and add crystals :)

Tutorial by: Megan Forbes
Photos by: Christina Hussey
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Valentine's Day Treat Sale

Treat yourself or your sweetheart to a handmade treat this Valentines Day. Megan is selling and delivering them so get your orders in before February 14th. Treats include:

  • Teeny Tiny Cake with Flowers // $15 (Chocolate or Vanilla) 
  • Teeny Tiny Two Tiered Cake with Felt Topper // $20 (Chocolate or Vanilla) 
  • Box Of Chocolate Cupcakes ( Chocolate cupcakes with ganache topped with choc candies) // $2.50 ea or $25 per doz 
  • Rock Candy Cupcakes ( Vanilla or Chocolate cupcakes with vanilla buttercream and rock candies // $2.50 ea or $25 per doz
  • Handmade Chocolate and Port truffles // $15 per doz
All prices include delivery within Charlotte, NC city limits. To order: Email Megan at and simply write which treat you would like to purchase. All treat offerings are pictured above. Thanks! 

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Heart Wall Art

What could be better than a giant Valentine that vaguely resembles the framed pink bunny from Full House? 

• two sheets of tissue paper in two colors (ours is pink + blue) 
• scissors 
• pencil 
• masking tape 
• picture frame (this one is from IKEA)
• poster board or cardboard the size of the frame 

1. Using the dimensions of your frame as your guide, draw a big heart onto whichever sheet of paper you want as your top color. Blue, in our case. 
2. Lay the bottom (pink) sheet onto your poster board and then carefully cut the heart out of the blue sheet. 
3. Lay the heart sheet on top of the pink and tape it to it using masking tape. 4. Assemble the frame and you're done. 
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