DIY // Papier-Mâché Luminaries

I never thought that of all the things that I learned in grade school, papier-mâché would be one that I still used in my adult life, but I digress. Perhaps because it is classic (probably as old as time) and if you are at all into making things, or you have children in the grade school age group, it was bound to happen for you, too. So here I am touting the praises of this inexpensive and versatile mix of flour and old news. This is definitely a two day project, at least. We rushed things a bit because we had places to be, but really it may need three days to fully dry. In the end, you have to follow your heart and I hope that your heart leads you to shred some newspaper, dip it in slop, and make something out of it! 
  • old newspaper 
  • 2 cups flour 
  • 2 cups water 
  • balloons 
  • candles (for later ;)) 
1. Blow the balloons up, not to maximum capacity. I would say about three solid blows and you're good. Let's say about 4 inches in diameter.

 3.  Stir together the flour and water. For some reason kids always want to taste the "batter" at this point. I assure  you they will be disappointed. 

 4.  As demonstrated in the above photos, dip the newspaper strips into the "glue" and scrape the excess off in between your fingers. Place the strips onto the balloon and go about halfway up. Place the finished product on a piece of parchment paper or hang it somehow. Allow to dry for at least 24 hrs. and then paint with two coats of white paint--or whatever color you want. 

Place on a table scape, line your walkway with them, put them in your fireplace, really there are so many ways to use them. Also, have fun. 

DIY: Megan Forbes
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  1. Great guide!I would try to do it!Thanks for sharing!


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