25 Days of Craftsmas: Snowy Branches

Tree branches make for a really elegant and inexpensive Christmas decoration. You can put whatever ornaments on it to match your taste. This craft is as versatile as it is beautiful. 

  • Tree branches 
  • Craft glue 
  • White Spray paint 
  • Clear or white glitter 
  • Ornaments 
1. Start by selecting branches. Make certain that they have plenty of 
little branches for the purpose of hanging ornaments and such. 

2. Once you have your branches, begin to spray paint them,
holding the can over the branch as if to create the effect of freshly fallen snow. 
3. Allow the paint to dry for 45 minutes. Once dry, using a paintbrush, 
paint the craft glue over the painted parts of your branch. 
4. Sprinkle the glitter onto the glue to give the branch some shimmer. 
5. Touch up any areas needed along the way.
6. Use a tall vessel to hold the branches. Weight it down with something to steady it. We chose sand. 7. Allow the branches to dry totally before adding your ornaments and decorations. 
We decided to show two variations to demonstrate the versatility of this craft. In the first one, we chose an array of glittery white and silver ornaments. The feathers were placed on by wrapping ornament hooks around the tops. 

For the second one, we used a collection of brightly colored classic Christmas bulbs. The result was entirely different from the first, but also completely adorable. 

Created by: Megan Forbes with Ginger Hussey 
Photos by: Christina Hussey

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