Holiday Pie /// Hand Pie Orders

Hi there! If you don't like to bake but you like to eat dessert, consider ordering some hand pies (aka pop tarts) and pies from us for the holiday season. Let us know by 11/22 if you want some. Meanwhile you can purchase pop tarts at Not Just Coffee . Pies are, of course, a Thanksgiving/ Christmas standard while the hand pies at a little pizzazz (lol) as a dessert or a breakfast option. You can email us to make your order at

9'' Pies - $30.00
Pecan, Pumpkin Streusel, Apple, Oatmeal, or custom

Hand Pies (pop tarts) -$3.00 each
Cranberry, Strawberry, Pumpkin, Brown Sugar Cinnamon, Raspberry, Apple Butter, Cherry, Blueberry, or custom

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