DIY // Feathers in a Hat

Yes. Pretty much everyone has these kind of wide-brimmed fedora hats at this point. They are cute, they make you look interesting.  While you may have purchased the hat from Urban Outfitters, the feathery little addition will say "Maybe this hat was passed down from my grandpa!". In the spirit of personal style, make this thing for yourself. It's easy, anyway.


  • 3 -5 Feathers (any type of your choosing, smallish being more preferable) 
  • Leather strap, long enough to fit the circumference of your head + some 
  • Needle 
  • Thread 
  • Scissors 
  • Hat (lol) 
1. Using the needle and thread, pierce the ends of the feathers and thread the string right through them. You may need a thimble for this, depending on how tough your fingers are / how strong your resolve is. 2. Tie the trio of feathers to the leather strap at the point of which the two pieces meet and a knot is created. 3. Slip the entire piece around the hat. 
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