Squash & Sweaters // The Pumpkin Patch

We are coming to terms around here that we are officially in fall, a few weeks in as a matter of fact. It's always sad to depart from Summer but there are fall things to look forward to every year. The first of which is probably pumpkins. To continue our #SquashandSweaters theme for the month of October, we decided to go get some pumpkins and/or gourds for around our homes...and wear sweaters. Of course, we are in the South and it's not QUITE cool enough for sweaters so that didn't totally pan out. Either way, it was a real fun outing per usual and this time we got to bring the littlest Goldmine girl along for her first pumpkin pick. 

To be honest, I'm not sure we've given her the proper introduction here on Goldmine. Her name is Elodie Rose Hussey, born of my husband and myself (Christina) this past summer. Sadly, Jonathan couldn't join us at the patch, but we had a great time with Megan & Austin. I think we are introducing Elodie to fall in the best way possible.

This poor old woman could not figure out our group. She really couldn't tell if it was me or Megan who was married to Austin and whose baby Elodie was. 
We will be continuing our Squash & Sweaters series all month. If you have any requests feel free to let us know. We've got DIYs and more recipes lined up for the coming weeks so stayyyy tuned.
See ya around,
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