Christina + Jonathan // Blue Ridge Parkway

Remember that gold leaf crown that we made a few weeks back? Well this was the shoot that we made it for. Jonathan & I took the afternoon and met Nicole of Boonetown Story up at the Blue Ridge Parkway for a shoot. As you can tell, there wasn't a soul around and it was peaceful as all. We traipsed around with all sorts of things to shoot with in the thick brush and got a little rained on here and there, but it was so fun. Nicole is incredibly talented and has a way with making you settle down and focus on each other. In a weird way, I felt closer to Jon after this shoot. Afterwards we went to the little downtown area and had dinner at an Ale House where literally every item on the menu had ale in it. I don't know about you, but we thought that was really sweet. 

Check out Nicole's work, especially if you live near these beautiful mountains. It's such a treasure to have images like these to hold onto for years and years. :) Christina

p.s. She also shot our wedding


All photos by Boonetown Story

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