Inspiration // The Parent Trap (1961)

Me and Christina watched The Parent Trap (1961) approximately 2-3 times this weekend. We spent most of the time gushing over all the details, costumes, and sets. We stopped every 5 minutes or so to take a snap shot of the TV screen (which is hilarious). When it comes to classic cinema or any film you may have watched over and over again when you were a kid, it's always fun to watch it again as adult to really appreciate it. Kids don't always notice, say, that perfect shade of orange lipstick, the mid century designs in the dad's ranch house, or the fact that the Rev. Mosby asks for a double bourbon during their wedding ceremony consultation.

I searched the web to find the pictures of the bits of the film that inspired us the most. My favorite scene is when the women are trying to save all the cakes from falling. We loved the ranch house, anything their mother wore, said, or did, all of the camp/ camping scenes, and not to mention the gorgeous vintage cookware. Also, can we just remark on how stylish the Dad (Mitch) is. At one point he wears jeans, a denim shirt, with a jean jacket over that.They truly don't make them like they used to.

Has anyone seen any good films lately that inspired you so much you wanted to model your whole life after it? Let us know and we will watch it. Thanks! -MF

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  1. I watched this movie constantly as a kid! You're right about the dad's house- its amazing. I also remember the phone she used- I think it was aqua- so cool. The camping scene was my favorite- the honey and the sticks always makes me laugh out loud. And of course all those dresses at the beginning! Love this!

  2. I have this movie saved on my DVR. Love it, Mitch's house is to die for and the clothes! It's a favorite : )


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