Spring Style

Spring style is fun. You dress so you're not too warm in the sun but can always throw on a cardigan or something when it starts to cool down in the evenings. I have this dress that I got from my sister-in-law for my birthday and I've never really worn it just as a day dress. I decided to pair it with some vintage tennies that I got from Sleepy Poet (don't worry, they were practically new when I got them) to dress it down a little bit. Also, I just got bangs for spring and am really happy with them. I would say my favorite way to live in Spring is pretty natural, letting my hair not be too structured and my clothes nice and free. And I never thought I'd be into drop waist dresses but I really do love them. -Christina

01. Dress: Forever21 (I think)
02. Tennis Shoes: Sleepy Poet
03. Lip color: Hot Pink Lip Tint by H&M

Photos: Megan Forbes (Didn't she do great?)
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