DIY // Hand Tied Bouquet for Mother's Day

Mother's Day is on Sunday so why not hand tie your mom a bouquet over the weekend? Ginger of Hey Love! Events (who happens to be our mom/mother-in-law) was kind enough to get together and show us the tricks of the trade when it comes to putting together a bouquet or arrangement. You can even pick up your flowers from a local grocery store. Here's what Ginger had to say: 

What you'll need:
Flowers (3-5 stems of 5 different types)
Greenery (2-3 different types)
Knife or clippers 

Separate flowers and greenery on the table so you can easily pick them up. Prepare each stem by pulling off excess leaves. Leaves should be removed an inch or so above your hand. Start with the focal flower you want to be on the top center of the bouquet and add 3-5 stems of greenery around it. Greenery should be placed a little above the flowers.  Place the next flower around the center flower and greenery, turning the bouquet as you go, adding one flower after another. Placing the flowers naturally according to the size of the opening, Stems should be towards you and the flowers pointing out. Make sure you look at the over-all shape and colors as you go. Wrap and tie ribbon just above your hand. Cut stems and ribbon to desired length. 

Tutorial: Ginger Hussey of Hey Love! Events
Styling: Megan Forbes

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  2. What beautiful yellow flowers,it is so good to make DIY bouquet for mothers day.

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