DIY // Seashell Candle Holders

Around this time last year, we went to the wedding of one of our friends, Trisha. She got married in the low country of South Carolina. She had made these little oyster shell candle holders for her tables. I've been obsessed with seashells since I was a young girl so I have bowlfuls hanging around my house. I decided to try my hand at Trisha's craft. 

  • seashells, oyster shells work best. I used about 10 on three candle holders
  • hot glue
  • candlesticks or tea lights 
  1. Pick your favorite shells and arrange them in a circular fashion. Sort of map out where you think the glue will go, etc. Since every shell is different it's kind of tricky to tell you exactly how to do this. It takes a bit of "feeling out" 
  2. Start gluing the shells together. Be sure to hold it for a few seconds to let the glue adhere. Place the candles in it and enjoy!

Tutorial by: Megan Forbes
Photos by: Christina Hussey

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