Sparrow Mathis

Today we want to talk a little bit about Sparrow Mathis. She is a 3 year old daughter of a friend of ours and she is about to undergo her third and final major heart surgery this Wednesday, October 16th at 6am. We want to join with Jessie and her family to spread the word and ask anyone who wants to pray during this time to do so. If you want to do more than just pray, there are a lot of practical needs that this family will have as well. Sparrow will be at Levine Children's Hospital here in Charlotte for a couple of weeks to recover. You can donate dvds, books, coloring books, art supplies, stuffed animals, etc... And on top of everything they are looking at some major expenses in addition to what they already have accrued.

Below is a little more of what Jessie has to say and be sure to watch the video to get to know them a little better. Also, check out their fundraising site here for more information about helping financially. 

From Jessie: 
"Sparrow is undergoing her third open heart surgery. The Fontan with a fenestration. Surgery is 4-6 hours long. They stop her heart, put her on a bypass machine and repair what was defected before she was even born: double inlet left ventricle, a transposition of the great arteries and an interrupted aortic arch. ... A dear friend advised me to put together a list of items that Sparrow may need during her recovery time. It always surprises me, but people ask me what they can do to help. Here's a list of ways you can help, or items you may already have the you can donate. I am going to donate most of the items to Levine Children's Hospital after Sparrow's stay, so that more sick children will be bless by your donations."

To read more from Jessie check out her post here and if you're interested in donating any
 items and would like to mail them, here is the address:

401 Hawthorne Lane
Suite 110 #200
Charlotte, NC 28204

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