Field Trip // River Tubing

My family celebrated our bi-annual family reunion this year in Helen, Georgia. Helen is a German-inspired town in North Georgia with good beer and a river running through it. I was able to convince my siblings to go down the river with Jonathan and me, despite the 55 degree water temp, and we had a blast. What we thought might have been a half hour tour ended up being a good two hours finding our way over small rapids and swimming holes. The best part is, even though we took our own tubes down the river, there were some for rent for only $3 nearby. We definitely plan on doing more river tubing in the upcoming summers. Hope you enjoy some of these photos from our disposable camera, and if you're ever in N. GA, I hope you find your way to Helen. - Christina
Photos & Words: Christina Hussey

*Field trip series designed to inspire you to see new places and try new things
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  1. Looks like fun. I've only been tubing in Florida- which is fun and also a bit scary because of the gators.


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