DIY // Dip Dye Napkins

This is the Goldmine version of dip-dye napkins. You'll be surprised at how easy it is to achieve this look. It's especially helpful if you are planning a wedding and you have a certain color in mind. Make sure to do this project outside because it does get pretty messy.

1 bottle of "denim" rit dye
12 or so white cotton napkins
Spoon or tongs

  1. Mix the dye according to the directions on the bottle. It's about a 1:3 ratio.
  2. Dip your napkins in not quite half way. Leave them in for about 10 minutes. The ombre effect happens naturally.
  3. Hang them to dry and then rinse them out with a water hose. Allow to dry before use. You may want to wash them alone for a couple of washes before mixing them with other things.

DIY: Megan Forbes
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  1. Where did you get those water goblets? Love!

    1. They are from Pottery Barn a few years back...they may still have something similar! :)

  2. I love how these napkins turned out! Where did you find the napkins? Can i find them on Amazon for cheap?

    1. Thanks Iris! We found these cotton napkins really cheap from Target but I'm sure you can find some from Amazon as well! Let us know how it turns out for you!

  3. Love love love how these turned out!! I was wondering if you pre-dampened the napkins before dyeing to let the pigments creep up like that. I'm thinking of doing this for my bridal shower and/or wedding :)

  4. I love the look of these so much I dyed 120 of them in a similar fashion for my wedding! They are beautiful after dying, but I'm running into a problem of, when I wash them, the dyed area stains the white material and turns it a pale blue. It's giving them more of an overall ranchy, denimy look than the moody contrast you have here. Do you have any tips for how you prevent color transfer in the wash on these?


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