Flower Headband DIY

Update: Check out our most recent flower head band tutorial here!

  • Generic headband 
  • Ribbon of choice 
  • Hot Glue Gun / Hot Glue sticks
  • Faux flowers of choice - I chose a mix of little white flowers with a few small red ones for a color pop
  • Scissors
  • Tape
1. Wrap the headband with the ribbon. You want to let the ribbon hang off the bottoms of the band.     You'll tie it into a bow with the finished product. I taped one side down to hold it in place while I wrapped it. Once I covered the whole headband I secured both ends with the hot glue. 

2. Cut the flowers off of their stems.
3. Start gluing the flowers onto the headband. I started with the white flowers and
glued them in such a way so they would look natural and wild. 
 4. Once my base of white flowers was finished, I added the red and pink accent flowers, along with some larger white flowers to make them look a bit more wild. 
Finished Product. 

Created by: Megan Forbes

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