Midsummer Dinner

It's probably too hot to eat outside with it being high summer, but we did it anyway. I think it had cooled to a balmy 80 degrees by the time we all sat down. We had that pink wine to chill us as well as fresh summer fruit accompanied with full fat greek yogurt (the only kind worth eating if you ask me) sweetened with honey. Oh, and a big dish of pasta. 

Say you wanted to "plan" a dinner like this, here is my advice: 
  • wait 'til the last minute and hope your friends show up 
  • do not tell them that you plan to take their pics
  • make this, this, AND THISSSSSS
  • toss all food onto platters and make sure that you have well chilled beverages 
  • limit outside time to 30 minutes, tops 
  • go inside and watch Stranger Things 
Written by: Megan Forbes
Photos by: Christina Hussey

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