Colorful Sip & See

We had so much fun planning this sip n' see for our sister Lindsay and her precious little lady, Charlotte. Lindsay wanted bright, vibrant colors with black and white as the anchor for the party. I made the food and our mom, Ginger did the flowers, among other things. I think she arranged all of those flowers in less than an hour which I feel is pretty darn fast. We have always felt that Goldmine and Hey Love! make a killer team when it comes to party planning. What a treat it is to do stuff with family.
The food menu featured, homemade donuts (which I only mildly recommend making them), belgian liege waffles (highly recommend making them), fresh cheese and produce from the farmers market, quiches, strawberry tart, and I'm pretty sure there was bacon in the mix somewhere. The mimosas were extra special 1. because the new mommy could have one ;) 2. we froze fruit nectar into cubes and then poured champagne over them. So, yeaaahhh. Enjoy!

Party Planning: Goldmine & Hey Love! Events
Catering: Megan Forbes
Photos: Christina Hussey

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