Heart Felt Cake Toppers DIY

Every time Valentine's Day rolls around, I head straight for the felt hearts. Possibly because  felt reminds me of being a kid working on little treats for all my classmates. But I digress, it makes no difference if you're an adult or child, you can make crafts if you darn well please. These are great because it's all the cuteness with minimal effort. So get to work, people.


  • Felt sheets in all colors that you like
  • scissors 
  • tacky glue 
  • lollipop sticks 
1. Draw at least two hearts on the felt, two per cake topper, and then cut them out. 2. Spread the tacky glue on one side of the heart and then lay the lollipop stick onto it. Place the other heart right on top, covering the stick. Aaaannnnd you're done. 
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