2nd Day of Craftsmas // Leather Party Coasters

Me and my husband have a real coaster problem. We have so many sets that we end up having to store some away. It is easy for us to buy them because cute coasters are everywhere and not too expensive. I made these coasters with the assumption that other people love coasters, too. You know how we feel about things around here on Goldmine, why buy when you can make? So for those who are looking for a chic homemade gift--consider the leather coaster.

  • 1-3 large pieces of scrap leather (entire bags of this can be purchased at the craft store) 
  • 1 set of alphabet leather stamps 
  • 1-2 sheets of felt 
  • scissors 
  • tacky glue 
  • 4.5 inch circular object 
  • pen 
1. Use a large round jar or lid. I used a lid from one of my weck jars which is approx. 4.5 inches. Using the circular object (jar lid), draw a circle on both the leather and felt.  
2. Cut the circle out of the leather and felt with sharp scissors. Go around the entire coaster trimming it up to ensure a smooth edge. 
3. Glue the felt piece to the leather piece. 
4. Following the directions on the stamp package (usually it requires a mallet), stamp cute little words on your coaster. We did "clink" "drink up" and "three cheers"

DIY: Megan Forbes
Photos:  Christina Hussey
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