1st Day of Craftsmas // Christmas Wrapping Tassels

We are kicking off 25 days of Craftsmas with this festive and inexpensive tassel gift wrapping. It's as simple as buying a big roll of white craft paper and buying a spool of colorful string. 

Colorful cotton yarn 
Gold wire 
2 inch piece of card stock or a piece of leather (that I used) 

1. Take the string and wrap it around the card stock or leather around 20 times. 
2. Once you have it wrapped, cut the bottom in two so that you have a good little bundle of string. 
3. Pull the two ends together. Take a small piece of string and tie it around the center of the bundle. Tie it in a snug knot. 
4. Go about 1/4 inch from the top and wrap the wire around the bundle very taught. Snip the wire. 
5. Now, with your wrapped presents, tie the string and wrap it around the presents about 5 times each. Tie the little tassels to a bit of string. Gather them together if you want, too.

DIY: Megan Forbes
Photos:  Christina Hussey
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  1. YIPPIE! I adore your holiday ideas! Mostly because it's so much easier than putting effort into coming up with my own ideas. Looking forward to days and days of your awesomeness! (No pressure.)

    1. Yay, thank you for the kind words! We've got plenty more ideas where that came from... ;)


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