11th Day of Craftsmas // Confetti Gift Tags

Who doesn't love confetti? Probably some people, because of the mess. I think it is well worth it. Also, isn't Elodie so cute?

  • 3-4 different colors of tissue paper 
  • string 
  • mod podge 
  • scissors 
  • card stock 
  • circle hole cutter (optional) 
1. Start with cutting strips into the tissue paper that are 1/4 inch wide.
2. Going crossways, cut the strips into little squares. That is your confetti!
3. Cut two sheets card stock into a smallish rectangle. Be sure it is big enough to punch the circle into.
4. Punch a circle into one of the cardstock piece.
5. Brush the other piece of card stock with the mod podge and sprinkle the confetti over almost the entire paper. Leave some room on the edges.
6. Carefully brush the top of the now confettied paper until all of the pieces have been covered with the glue.
7. Loop the string and glue it to the top of the card. Place the piece with the circle cut out and you are done.

DIY: Megan Forbes
Photos: Christina Hussey
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