DIY // Valentine's "I Love You" Banner

In the 7th grade, I took a banner making elective. It was one of those school experiences I thought would never apply to my adult life, and here I am, being proven wrong. This banner is equal parts weird, unique, and thoughtful. It is relatively easy to make as long as you can make an eye out of felt. You don't need to have taken a banner making elective to make this, but it darn well helps. 

  • 5 sheets of felt from the craft store- pink, blue, yellow, white or off white, and black 
  • needle and thread for a quick stitch
  • dowel rod
  • scissors 
  • serrated knife or small saw (to cut the dowel rod)
  • craft glue
1. Cut the black felt into a banner shape roughly 6" long and 4" wide. You can do a pendant shape or one like I did. Whichever is easier for you. 
2. Very carefully cut the dowel down to 4" using a saw or bread knife. 
3. Wrap the top edge of the black felt around the dowel and sew a quick and basic stitch down the length of the rod. You are essentially making a "rod pocket". 
4. Cut an eye shape out of the white felt and then cut some cute little eye lashes to go with it. There will be a distinct curve left behind from cutting the eye shape that you can use for the eye lashes. 
5. Cut a small circle from the blue felt and place on the white eye then cut a little black circle for the pupil. 
6. Glue all of the component together and onto your little banner. 
7. Next cut a little heart out of the pink felt and then a "U" out of the yellow (or whatever color tickles your fancy) and then glue to the banner. 
Give it to someone who you love.

DIY: Megan Forbes
Photos: Christina Hussey
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