DIY // Dreamcatcher Wall Hanging

You know that around here, we are fans of a good wall hanging. I enjoy making these out of items found in the woods or around the house to make it look especially rustic. When you make something from start to finish with your own two hands and then hang it on the wall, it's very satisfying. This project is not difficult, but it does take time. I would recommend setting aside some time for yourself to create and relax. -MF
  • For the hoop I used vine that I found outside. Craft stores have a number of hoop options available if you can't find vine. I made my hoop about 6" in diameter
  • 1 found stick approx. 10"
  • 1 piece of linen fabric (any color) about 18" white and 1 yard long, torn into 16 strips
  • wire 
  • jute or hemp twine
  • two found feathers (optional) 
Step 1: If you are using a vine, form it into a circle by wrapping it like you would a cable or something. I made mine about 6" in diameter. Fasten it together using the wire. I wrapped the wire in the hemp cord because I like the way it looked. 
Step 2: Take your stick and attach it to the hoop at an angle, using the wire. Make sure all of the wire is tight and secure.

Step 3: You want to make 1/2" strips of fabric. It's easiest to cut a little notch at the top of the fabric and just tear it all the way down the length of the fabric. You'll need about 16 strips.
Step 4: Tie your fabric onto the stick that you've attached to the hoop. Do this until the entire length of the stick is covered. 

Step 5: Now that you have all of the fabric tied to the stick, it's time to trim it up. I trimmed mine in an asymmetrical fashion. It's up to you!

Step 6: Randomly tie little knots in the strips to add texture. I also took the scissors and trimmed up some of the more wild frays. Add your feathers at this point if you choose to. Just tie them to some string and tie the string onto the stick. To hang it, tie a bit of the jute around the top and place it on the wall.

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