DIY // Advent Calendar

So, here we go, our first Christmas craft of the season. It's an advent calendar! If you are going to make one, get started because Dec. 1 is right around corner. This craft is relatively easy. Honestly, anyone can do it. The basic gist is to make the frame for the tree out of branches, tie strings between the branches to hang stamped bags that hold treats. Here are the details: 

Supplies needed:
  • 25 black and white small paper bags ( purchased at michaels)
  • number stamps 
  • gold ink pad
  • red and white baker's twine 
  • 7 slim tree branches cut to the lengths of, two 24" sticks, two 8" and three 4" 
  • scissors 
  • wire 
  • wire cutters 
  • candies or chocolates (whatever you want to put in the bags for treats)
  • red washi tape*
1. The sticks are going to make up the frame of your advent calendar in the shape of a tree. So, starting with 24" ones, lay them roughly in the shape of the tree and map out where the paper bags are going to go. 
2. Once you are finished mapping out the bags, start wiring your branches together. To do that, cut a piece of wire about 6" inches long. Where the branches come together at the point of the tree, start wrapping the wire around it to secure it. Do this at all points that make up the tree. When your long ones are together add the 8" branches to the bottom and then attach the three 4" ones to make up the tree "stump". 
3. When you have the frame of the tree made you will need to cut 7 pieces of baker's twine and tie them in varying lengths about 3" apart going down the tree. 
4. Stamp the numbers 1-25 alternating between black and white and then fill them with your candy of choice. 
5. attach the bags onto the string with the tape* starting with one. This how we did it:
Once you have all of the bags on, find a spot to nail it onto your wall. Some place where everyone can see the awesome advent calendar you made!
*we used washi tape to hold the bags on but I feel like clothes pin would be a great alternative as well.

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  1. my favorites time of year for your posts! you always have the greatest ideas.

  2. that would be "my favorite" - sorry guys. This is the reason I don't leave blog comments :)


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