A Golden Milestone

We are excited to reach this milestone in our blog, our very first Goldmine birthday.

We thought that it's about time we post a picture of the two of us together and give a little back-story on Goldmine. We are room-mates turned sisters-in-law. Megan is a cook, Christina is a photographer. About this time last year Megan had gotten pretty interested in mining gold (true story). She has a little creek down from her house and we all would go out there and and sift through the cold water hoping to find something valuable. We never found any gold but found lots of really cool rocks. During the same week we got together for dinner and started talking about needing a creative project in our lives. We started throwing around some ideas and writing them down on napkins. And then it hit us - we needed to start a blog called "Goldmine" and it would be about finding the valuable things in life that are often overlooked. We started planning some projects and before we knew it we were halfway into 25 Days of Craftsmas - a true blogging marathon. Goldmine started as a creative outlet for us to get together and actually do projects and photograph recipes and through it we have met so many cool people and have had a lot of opportunities collaborating with local events

If you don't keep up with us on social media, you can find us on instagram, facebook & pinterest. And here is a flashback to our very first posts: Thanksgiving Tablescapes 12 & 3

Thank you guys for coming back and checking in to see what we're up to! 

-Christina & Megan

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  1. Very cool! Congratulations on your first year! You guys have great eyes for photography, style and holiday decor. I really enjoy reading Goldmine.

    1. Thanks for the kind words Emily! We love you being here!


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