Kinfolk Charlotte // The Art of Camp Cooking & Grilling

Goldmine had the honor of helping another recent Kinfolk event here in Charlotte: The Art of Camp Cooking & Grilling. Hosted by Anna Naphtali, it was a fun time spent by the water at Camp Canaan while meeting new friends and trying some new campfire foods. Everyone got a little lesson in cooking over an open fire. We made homemade honey marshmallows for s'mores kits that each guest got to take home. Fortunately, we get to contribute to a whole new Kinfolk event this coming week on October 27th at West Elm in Charlotte. We hope to see everyone there!  

Photos: Christina Hussey
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  1. Christina, these pictures are gorgeous! Such a lovely scene!

    1. Thanks so much Grace! It was a beautiful scene. :)

  2. I'm so looking forward to an opportunity to attend a Kinfolk gathering.

    And splendid photos!

  3. So interesting to cooking outside like this.


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