Outdoors: The Supplies

If you were inspired by our recent camping post and are looking for some awesome camping gear, search no further. We have rounded up some of our favorite essentials from Best Made Company and Poler Stuff.
Seamless & Steadfast Enamel Steel Cups (Set of Two)
Match Safe
Light Waxed Cruiser
The Lensatic Cruiser Compass
Collapsible Bucksaw
Hudson Bay Axe
Lumberlander Camp Blanket
The Rucksack - Khaki2-Cell model D MAG-LITE
Metal First Aid Kit [large]

1. Seamless & Steadfast Enamel Steel Cups: The best thing about having enamel cups is that if for any reason you run out of fresh drinking water while on your adventure, you can always use these to boil rainwater or water from a nearby water source. Also, they won't break and are super lightweight. 

2. Match Safe: Small, portable and will keep your matches dry. Having a fire is top priority, so you never want to go into the wilderness without some sort of lighter or waterproof match set. 

3. Light Waxed Cruiser: It's perfect for the elements and looks awesome.

4. The Lensatic Cruiser Compass: You can never go wrong having one of these on you. 

5. Collapsible Bucksaw: Portable, lightweight and a necessary tool that is is perfect when gathering large firewood. 

6. Hudson Bay Axe: Made for canoeists and campers, this axe is perfectly portable.

7. Lumberlander Camp Blanket: Warm, resilient and straps nicely to your pack.

8. The Rucksack: A classic day pack for canoeing or short hikes.

9. MAG Lite: This flash light is virtually indestructible. It's important to have a reliable flash light and/or head lamp on hand in any wilderness excursion.

10. Metal First Aid Kit: An essential piece of gear in an emergency. Also, it just looks awesome. 

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