25 Days of Craftsmas: Miniature Wreaths

Sometimes it's nice to go back to the classics. What could be more classic Christmas than wreaths made from christmas tree branches and holly berries? The options are endless as far as what combinations that can be used. The fact that these wreaths are mini just makes them all the more enjoyable.

  • Winter foliage 
  • Mini grapevine wreaths (ours are from Michaels for $.99)
  • Ribbon
  • Floral Wire
  • Scissors 

1. Start by gathering the leaves and branches of your choosing. Gently tuck the branches into the grapevine. Go around the circle of the wreath until you have a good foundation.
2. Fill in any gaps with smaller branches using floral wire to fasten them. Trim around the wreath as needed. 
3. Secure a little bundle at the bottom of the wreath or to the side. For the first wreath, we used holly berries.
We did two different wreaths, using different types of foliage for variety. The steps are the same for both. The grapevine wreaths are nice because no hot glue was needed. Only a little floral wire here and there.

Created by: Megan Forbes
Photos by: Christina Hussey
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