25 Days of Craftsmas: Glittered Ornaments

We rummaged through my moms old ornaments that she was going to donate and turned them into something sparkly and beautiful. So, if you have any ornaments that are no longer your style, try glittering them.

  • Ornaments
  • Craft glue 
  • Glitter of choice
  • Paintbrush
  • Bowls to catch glitter
1.Paint glue in an even layer onto the ornament.
2.Sprinkle with glitter and cover it completely. Make sure to do it over a bowl or plate. 
Glitter is precious, wouldn't want to waste it. 
3.Shake off the excess and hang to dry. 

Created by: Megan Forbes with Ginger Hussey
Photos by: Christina Hussey
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